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Please go to the bottom of this page for more choices on the black leather door pulls for the Moggy with different coloured stitching.

Morris Minor Door Pulls

made in the UK

by Graphics by Jeff & Chris

available in a variety of colours

photo 1 Various Colours

photo 2 RED

photo 3 LIGHT BLUE

photo 4 RED with pinholes

photo 5 CREAM

photo 6 GREEN

photo 7 BLACK

photo 8 BLACK with pinholes

photo 9 ROSE TAUPE LEATHER (recycled)

photo 10 GREY with pinholes

photo 11 NAVY LEATHER (recycled)

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Morris Minor Tailor Made Pin Stripes for 2 or 4 door models

Vast Choice of Colours:-

White, Silver, Gold, Red, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, Cream, Yellow, Green, Orange, Maroon, Black, please ask for the colour you want is not listed.

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mm blk green
mm blk greens
mm blk reds
mm blk blue
mm blk gn
mm blk gree
mm blk redst
mm blk blu
mm blk blues
mm blk red